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2022 sees the return of Fastavia and all of our partners to the tradeshow arena. Our first scheduled trade show appearance in 2022 is set to be "Global Urban and advanced air summit", taking place on March 2nd & 3rd at Farnborough. Our director of sales Ben Evans will be in attendance on the Click Bond booth as we demonstrate our new AR technology as well as our existing fastener capabilities. This is an exciting new market in the aerospace industry an we are looking forward to the show. 


The JEC show in Paris was set to take place a week after the GUAAS but has been moved to May 3rd - 5th. This is always a great show for discovering new technologies and if you can make it there to visit the Click Bond booth, I think we may have some surprises for you. 


In June (14th-16th) we find ourselves back in Hamburg for the first time in 2 years for the AIX (Aircraft interiors expo). At this show we support our German partners at VTR as we display and discuss products from all of our collective manufacturers, including Click Bond, EJOT and VTR's own "QCTL" product range. 

This will be closely followed by a visit to Seawork in Southampton merely a week later, June 21st-23rd.

At this years Farnborough international Airshow, Fastavia will be showcasing a new-look exhibition booth, displaying products from all of our manufacturing partners. We hope to see you there as it has been quite some time since we all got together. 

A little help from our friends at The City of Manchester Distillery should keep things interesting as they sponsor our afternoon event on July 19th in Hall three. More details to follow...

The round of the tradeshow year, this September 6th we visit Hamburg once again to showcase bonded fastener technology for the marine and offshore industry. 


On COVID-19 

Here at Fastavia we are working hard to provide our services despite the current pandemic and ensuing lockdowns. Phonelines and email are still open and our warehouse is in line with COVID safety procedures to ensure orders are still readily received and dispatched.

From everyone at Fastavia. Stay home and stay safe. 

Recent Trade Shows

JEC Paris.jpg

In March Ben attended the JEC show in Paris on the Click Bond booth. The JEC presents a great opportunity to keep up to date on various new technologies within the aerospace industry. Click Bond were extremely well represented at the show by Ian Newberry, Manuel Faria and company owners Charlie & Collie Hutter. With support throughout the week from Fastavia, VTR, VIBA and Fimutens.

For Fastavia it was great to make some new contacts within the automotive industry and meet some new names from some of our existing customers. 


And once again we found ourselves in Hamburg in April to attend the AIX 2019. Working together on a booth shared by Click Bond, VTR and EJOT were representitives from Click Bond, Fastavia, VTR, VIBA, Fimutens, Teknodemax,  EJOT and Cherry Fasteners-Japan. This show always proves interesting and presents us all with some fantastic opportunities to work with new customers in various areas of the aircraft interiors market. We look forward to doing it all again in 2020. Many thanks to our hosts VTR for their always incredible hospitality.


The SMM show in Hamburg takes place every two years and is considered one of the most, if not the most important marine show in Europe.

This year Click Bond took a booth at the show, assisted by the authorized local representatives of VTR and Click Bond European manager Ian Newberry. 

They were assisted on the booth by our own director of sales Ben Evans, Click Bond's Lee Kerbel and Manuel Faria, Jose Rodriguez of Teknodemax, GianLuca Sala of Fimutems and Koen Van Hoof of Viba. The bulk of our European network. 

The show gives us the opportunity to introduce many potential new customers to bonded fastener technology that will no doubt benefit their business in the long run.

At the show this year we also were able to assist our colleges at Stauff who had their demonstration truck parked right outside our hall for us to carry out public demonstrations of the Stauff-Bond system that has been designed in conjunction with out friends there. 


Marine sales represent a portion of our domestic Click Bond business that is steadily growing year upon year, and this show has provided us all throughout the European network with many valuable leads. 

Many thanks to our hosts Ingo, Karol and Rainer from VTR for their hospitality. 


Fastavia exhibited once again at Farnborugoh international 2018. We have now been doing this show since the early 90's and consider ourselves to be seasoned professionals.

The show is always a good one and this year was no exception. We were joined by representatives from Click Bond, VTR and Ejot. The buzz around the Click Bond product range is always steady and enthusiastic, especially this year as we were making more of a showcase of their internal fixture system. 

New to the booth this year was the Ejot TSSD, a product with a significant background in the automotive industry for which we now hold the UK aerospace license. We hope that the TSSD will revolutionize galley interior manufacturing by replacing conventional methods for potting inserts.

We were joined by Niko from Ejot in Germany who ran the TSSD demonstration machine for the duration of the show.

As usual we were also displaying and demonstrating the various products manufactured by VTR, Avibank and Skylock

It was great to spend some time with our many friends and colleges from places such as Spain, Japan, Italy, Germany, The Netherlands and the USA.

We look forward to another great show in 2020


See you there.


EJOT TSSD namestyle.jpg

Through our colleges at VTR in Germany, we have been invited to represent the Ejot TSSD system within the UK aerospace industry. 

The TSSD is a revolutionary version of the traditional potted insert. Details regarding the way it works can be throughout our website. The TSSD carries an Airbus approval  and is equivalent NAS 1832 standard.

We are very pleased and proud to have been given the opportunity to represent the product as it is an exciting new addition to our ever growing portfolio.



The University of Central Lancashire (UCLan) has unveiled the world’s first graphene skinned plane at an internationally renowned air show.

Juno, a three-and-a-half-metre wide graphene skinned aircraft, was revealed on the North West Aerospace Alliance (NWAA) stand as part of the ‘Futures Day’ at Farnborough Air Show 2018.

The University’s aerospace engineering team has worked in partnership with the Sheffield Advanced Manufacturing Research Centre (AMRC), the University of Manchester’s National Graphene Institute (NGI), Haydale Graphene Industries (Haydale) and a range of other businesses to develop the unmanned aerial vehicle (UAV), which also includes graphene batteries and 3D printed parts.

Billy Beggs, UCLan’s Engineering Innovation Manager, said: “The industry reaction to Juno at Farnborough was superb with many positive comments about the work we’re doing. Having Juno at one the world’s biggest air shows demonstrates the great strides we’re making in leading a programme to accelerate the uptake of graphene and other nano-materials into industry.

“The programme supports the objectives of the UK Industrial Strategy and the University’s Engineering Innovation Centre (EIC) to increase industry relevant research and applications linked to key local specialisms. Given that Lancashire represents the fourth largest aerospace cluster in the world, there is perhaps no better place to be developing next generation technologies for the UK aerospace industry.”


The Martian

Not all applications we come across in the aerospace fastener industry are alike.... In the 2015 film The Martian by Ridley Scott, Matt Damon's character finds himself stranded alone on Mars. Within the station in which he is forced to live, if you look closely enough you should be able to see these interior door catches all over the walls. These are by Skylock Industries and 75 of them were sold to 20th Century Fox from our office in South Manchester. Check out the attached images.

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