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The trend subject lightweight design was a central
starting point of development activities for fastening
solutions into sandwich materials such as honeycomb
and foam structures and their diverse coatings.
With the thermal adhesive bonding boss TSSD®
EJOT developed a product and the corresponding
process to join components made of these materials
in a reliable way and with outstanding strength
properties. The TSSD® is the perfect solution
for applications in honeycomb and foam materials
which are a standard in aircraft interiors.

Function of the TSSD®:


  • The TSSD® is accelerated by the tooling

equipment to a specified rotational speed and is
pushed into the upper layer by a defined forward

  • The partly fused TSSD® element then penetrates

the component and flows into the hollow chambers
of the intermediate layer, forming a positive lock
and adhesive bond.

  • The TSSD® rotates till the final position is

reached, where it stops immediately. The tooling
equipment still performs an axial pressure onto
the TSSD® to give the fused polymer material
time for solidification. In the fused polymer mass,
parts of the layers and cores are entwined and
a positive lock and adhesive bond is

Mechanical parameters (dependent of component)

  • Axial tensile strength approx. 800 N

  • Shear force approx. 1500 N

Standard TSSD® as
direct fastening element

TSSD® as screw boss
with metallic insert -
especially for aircrafts

Benefits of the EJOT TSSD® at a glance

  • Generates positive locking and adhesive bonding mechanisms

  • Generally no pre-hole necessary

  • Functions as screw boss for self-tapping screws or direct fastening element

  • Good mechanical characteristics

  • No excess time consumed in preparing the product. 

  •  No curing times

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